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A global pandemic, chip shortage, and supply chain disruptions created a perfect storm never seen before in the automotive industry. We decided to shift gears away from a traditional campaign driving consumers to the dealership and reimagined how to engage and grow our audience while prepping them for a future sale. We developed a strategy outside of the usual category audiences and tapped into the brand ethos of fandemonium to create a powerful user-generated advertising campaign across multiple categories.

Putting Passion Into Overdrive

25//8 means giving 110%, going the extra mile, living in overdrive.  It’s an attitude that Dodge and their fans have in common. We created Dodge 25//8 to pay homage to the above-and-beyond nature of the Dodge brand and its fans. 

So we engaged 25 influencers across a variety of categories and invited them to give one of their fans a customized Dodge worth up to $105,000. 25 Dodges over the last 8 weeks of the year. The team was chosen for their 25//8 spirit and ability to help Dodge engage with new audiences. We had 25//8 rockstars, TikTok stars, athletes, comedians and more, each creating their own content to authentically appeal to their fans and followers. 

Fans and followers of our 25//8 influencers learned of the contest through influencer channels, Dodge-owned channels, paid social, and in the over 200 articles written about it. Fans were driven to visit Dodge258.com, share what makes them 25//8, and customize their car of choice on Dodge.com The experience drove visitors to the site for an average of 7 minutes, and we even had an incredible 37% of registrants return to the sweepstakes.  

The 25/8 proved to have 25/8-level results with:
• 2,983,328,290 Impressions
• 4,604,849 Video Views
• 3,571,005 OEM Site Visits
• 1,575,904 LFAs
• 1,175,121 BMOs

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Group 19
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GlueIQ Droplet 4.9M registrations

GlueIQ Droplet $14.7M earned media value w/ 75% LESS in media spend

GlueIQ Droplet 33% INCREASE in lower funnel acquisitions (YoY)

How We Helped

  • Social & Digital Strategy
  • Influencer Strategy
  • Promotion & Media Partners
  • Content strategy
  • Video Production

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