Grads of Life

Close the Talent Opportunity Gap

Grads of Life, part of YearUp’s i3 incubator, needed to raise its voice as an expert and game-changing partner to employers for designing and building inclusive talent pipelines that advance racial and economic equity and financial mobility. 2020’s spotlight on social inequality made them an even more important resource to the country’s evolving employers than ever. GlueIQ was engaged to accelerate that mission.

Helping Employers Build a More Equitable Workplace

We came onboard to raise Grads of Life’s profile and voice so that their programs and services could quickly become the trusted and valued resources that employers – and this important evolution in U.S. culture – were hungry for. We set out to position Grads of Life as the critical partner helping them transform their human capital practice to become equitable in diversity and inclusion of underserved populations.


Grads of Life was anxious to provide employers with the critical road map to help them address systemic change and offer more equitable opportunities. GlueIQ created an agile, modular digital platform that increased their visibility as well as usability by employers. The platform includes an ever-evolving B2B Content Marketing and resource hub that shares Programs, Services and critical thought leadership to employers, and provides sales enablement for Grads of Life teams. We are proud of our role in advancing progress on an issue we ourselves strive to improve on.

Grads of Life Content Marketing
Grads of Life Content Marketing - 2
Grads of Life B2B Content Marketing Flow
Grads of Life B2B Content Marketing Flow from Home Page
Grads of Life Insights and Thought Leadership
Grads of Life Advisory and Design Services

Services Rendered

  • Competitive Analysis
  • UI Discovery / Recommendation
  • B2B and Content Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • User Experience and Design
  • Sales Support
  • Community Building
  • B2B Content Marketing Flows to Lead Generation
  • CMS and Marketing
  • Awareness/Static Website to B2B Dynamic Website

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