Miami-Dade Transit

Moving Mindsets

In a city where only about 15% of the population was taking advantage of urban transit options, we worked with Metro-Dade Transit to compel South Florida residents to “drive less, live more” by reintroducing the benefits of public transit in visual stories and building trust through more transparent and seamless experiences.

Stories not just better told but felt.

We created a compelling design platform that positioned Miami-Dade Transit vehicles as a portal between here and favorite local places and experiences. The system engages audiences by inviting them through visual portals created in the iconic "M” of Miami-Dade Transit vehicles by showing locals the adventures that await on the other side of the ride. The ‘portals’ connect locals with the things they love: noteworthy city events, destinations, landmarks, & adventures around the city.

Miami Dade Transit Metro and Bus Stop Design
Miami Dade Transit Billboard
Miami Dade Transit Creative Design

Reimagining the Journey with Visibility and Control.

Inspiring a car-dependent community to abandon its traffic gridlock and reconsider ride-share would also mean a digital strategy that reflected institutional knowledge of South Florida public transportation commuters and public mobility, and a global perspective of rail travel and local commuter trends. The strategy manifest across multiple touch points, including a mobile app that would need to compete with the seamless experience of ride share platforms and offer as much control and visibility. The mobile app experience includes journey planning, contactless ticketing, real time tracking of public vehicles, safety reporting, and a rewards system.

Services Rendered

  • Brand Purpose & Brand Strategy
  • App Design
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Website Design & Development
  • Style Guidelines
  • Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Positioning
  • CRM/Email
  • Digital / Performance Marketing
  • TV Advertising

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NFTs are a BFD if you Heed the Right KPIs