Ocean Casino Resort

Doubling down on a great bet.

Ocean Casino Resort has been building momentum since its opening in 2018 shedding baggage from the old Revel and establishing itself as a worthy competitor in Atlantic City, becoming the #3 casino in the market. 

However, most people still didn’t know Ocean Casino Resort and it ranked low tier in the market in awareness and the important measure, a “good place to gamble.” And having to close doors during COVID, the property lost critical time in its early days to establish itself as a strong competitor in the Atlantic City market. 

We needed to put a stake in the ground and declare what the Ocean brand stands for to build brand awareness, increase consideration/trial and increase visit frequency among Atlantic City visitors to become a must-visit for every AC trip.

Marketing Modernization and Smart Creativity.

We worked alongside the Ocean Casino Resorts Marketing team to help reshape the brand's positioning which would be the bedrock of all future marketing efforts.

We led research to deepen our understanding of our key audience(s) and mined insights that would help shape each target persona and determine our creative approach. 

We developed a new 360 advertising campaign that would serve as the umbrella brand idea for all marketing and communications, internally to staff and externally to Ocean Casino Resorts target audience. 

Our campaign extended to the property reinforcing the emotional excitement of the “feel of the win” whether on the casino floor, at the spa, while dining, or experiencing their ocean view rooms. 

The strategy worked:

Ocean Casino Resort saw significant increases in:
• Unaided awareness +6% while competitors awareness levels dropped. 
• Being viewed strongly as a great Hotel/resort
• NPS score

In year 2, we needed to continue to drive brand awareness while also ensuring we were reinforcing that Ocean Casino Resort was the place to play in Atlantic City. 

We tweaked our messaging to highlight the play aspect at Ocean and highlighted key high prospect audience segments in our campaigns.

The strategy paid off again. In just the first few weeks since the launch of the campaign we saw strong results.

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GlueIQ Droplet +107% branded search queries YoY

GlueIQ Droplet +44% website users

GlueIQ Droplet 187% increase in NY traffic

How We Helped

  • Brand Purpose & Brand Strategy
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research
  • Broadcast Advertising (TV & radio)
  • Style Guidelines
  • Digital Advertising
  • Print & OOH 
  • On property

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